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Pure Fish Label: pure, honest and clean

Today’s consumer knows that fish is healthy. Pure Fish Label, is a new brand produced by Fishmasters, which stands for pure and healthy fish products. Fish without artificial additives, no E numbers and no color or flavor additives. Back to the basic craft ..... Fish as intended.

Only the best

You want to sell only the best to your customers. Pure Fish Label has several products in its range such as breaded fish or fish fillets stuffed with fresh vegetables. All Pure Fish Label products are after heating by oven, grill or frying a ready to eat consumer product. Because our products do not have unnecessary additives you are offering your customers healthy products, something the consumer is paying a lot of attention to in the year 2011. By selling the Pure Fish Label you also offer sustainable fish. You see to it that your consumers only eat the best of the best in fish and will experience this through Fishmasters Pure Fish Label!

Pure Quality

  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Craft
  • No colorings and flavorings
  • No E-numbers
  • High quality
  • Perfectly prepared
  • Fresh products